Our Products


We have a wide variety of potato and onion handling equipment that covers the whole spectrum of the handling and sorting process.

  • Pilers in 30”, 36”, and 42”
  • Scoopers in 30”, and 36”
  • 600cwt Evenflow Bins
  • A wide variety of dirt eliminator tables used to eliminate foreign material from the product including; standard spreader rolls, Rollerstar tables, Hedgebelt tables, Galaxy tables,  Multicept tables, Air Knife tables; in a variety of sizes from 48” to 84” wide
  • Sizing tables from 48” to 84” wide
  • Mobile scale conveyors in 30”, and 36”
  • Conveyor tables in 30”, and 36”
  • Tractors
  • Dump Trucks
  • Generators/Mobile power
  • Lowboys for equipment moving
  • Spud trailers for product moving
  • Wireless SmartSpud bruise monitoring