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M&M Potato Inc is a custom harvest company that supplies both equipment and labor resources to a broad spectrum of the potato and onion market throughout Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. We specialize in the sorting and handling of crops as well as transportation.

M&M Potato proudly boasts the nation's largest fleet of industry leading technology in sorting and handling equipment. We also use advanced wireless technology to monitor bruise protection. Our equipment is widely used for trans-loading and storing of crops, as well as removing crops from storage to processing plants.

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We have a wide variety of potato and onion handling equipment that covers the whole spectrum of the handling and sorting process.

Featured Products:

  • Pilers in 30”, 36”, and 42”
  • Scoopers in 30”, and 36”
  • 600cwt Evenflow Bins
  • Mobile scale conveyors in 30”, and 36”
  • Conveyor tables in 30”, and 36”
  • Tractors
  • Dump Trucks
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At M&M Potato Inc we strive to serve our customers unique needs. Our goal as a company is to increase the customer’s EFFICIENCY; plain and simple.

Featured Products:

  • Trans-loading
  • In-weight storage
  • Out-weight storage loading
  • Trucking/transportation
  • As well as many custom equipment applications
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